I was thinking today after the Azure Circle Partner seminar why Cloud services in its various forms, be it from Amazon, Azure, Google or any other raft of providers, makes so much sense.

Was it all the value add monitoring, auto-scaling, built in disaster recovery, high availability, load balancing and the myriad of other Cloud services?

Of course none of these services come preconfigured with a traditional piece of tin and software DVD. You either have to do all the work yourself or you have to get someone to do it for you. All adding to the cost of deployment. Even then you might get it wrong and that will lead to hours, if not days or weeks of troubleshooting, testing and tuning.

No, even though those are very good reasons, its none of that.

The reason I like Cloud is because it finally wrestles the constrained and compromised delivery of business focused IT solutions from the hands of the margin focused sales and marketing horde and drops it, unencumbered, lock stock and barrel into the Solution Architects’ lap.

No more end of quarter high margin special deals on some fancy SAN which works better as a heater than a SQL data store. No more more woefully underspecified blade chassis or 2 for one firewall deals. No more end of life hardware, none of any of that.

Just a nice blank canvas and a large toolbox of cloud services.

Thats why I like Cloud.

Thumbs Up