Amongst the new features of vSphere 6 which were disclosed last year is one called “Instant Clone”, also known as “Project Fargo” or “VMFork”.

VMware said this about Instant Clones:

One of the most exciting features for us in Cloud-Native Apps is the new Instant Clone capability (a tech preview previously known as “Project Fargo”).  Instant Clone enables a running VM to be cloned, such that a new VM is created that is exactly identical to the original. This is powerful because you can get a new, running, booted up VM in less than a second.  Moreover, the “forked” VM is tiny from a resource perspective as it shares all its memory with the original.

(source: http://blogs.vmware.com/cloudnative/tag/instant-clone/)

So when vSphere 6 was released recently, I looked forward to trying out this new feature.

So having installed ESXi 6 and the vCenter appliance,  I headed onto the vSphere Web Client (figuring that, being a new feature, it would not be available in the C# client).

Starting the wizard to clone a VM looked remarkably familiar, indeed there was no indication at all that this was going to do anything differently from earlier versions of vSphere.

Then I had a suspicion. A suspicion which has been confirmed recently (on 17/3/15) by Duncan Epping. That is, that this feature is not available through the Web Client.

He states:

The feature is only accessible through a private API. View and BDE will leverage that API, and for now are the only two solutions that will leverage it. More use cases will be explored over time.

(source: http://www.yellow-bricks.com/2014/10/07/project-fargo-aka-vmfork-what-is-it/)

So if you’re looking for new v6 features that you can evaluate (easily), Instant Clone is not going to be one of them!