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Our mini lab is running nicely now.

3 virtual nsx networks a distributed router and an edge gateway. Its all working fine on a single host. But it was time to step things up and install/prepare some more hosts. However, the host installs would not complete! No matter how many times I hit “resolve” I always got a warning that the vib module was not installed.

Turns out this was a semi common complaint with the vCNS agents. So I figured the same work around, basically a manual install approach may work for NSX too.

It worked fine! Just extract the vxlan.zip file from the .tar.gz upgrade file discussed in the previous article.

Run the esxcli software vib install –depot command and the vib’s will install.


I then restarted the web client and re-clicked the “resolve” option and success!


Now hopefully I can get my head around setting up some virtual networks inside nested ESXi guests without falling into the rabbit hole.

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