Hey, we have all heard the above refrain. I’ve even made it myself in the past. But the truth is unless you take the time and effort to look at how your current environment is providing services and how you continue to plan to provide services going forward, you wont have a clear picture of what Cloud services can do for you.

Following on from my previous post on Cloud, I’m of the opinion that this is a paradigm shift in the provision of IT services. You want a load balancer, a firewall, a few machines, in old money you are talking weeks, if not months and tens of thousands of pounds. These days with the awe inspiring range of Cloud services your entire enterprise is a few mouse clicks and a couple of pounds away.

We know about consumption costs, yes they can cost you a fair bit. But only if you let them. Your solution and services should be designed to minimise costs, otherwise what is the point!?

Sure you will gain speed and agility as well as a whole load of trick services from which to build your IT solution of the future. But this is of no value unless it helps your bottom line. Cost is a primary driver. Ongoing cost, cost of delay, opportunity costs etc all feed into the equation.

All of these points came sharply into focus recently when we completed an assuredCloudStrategy workshop for Poole Borough Council. They had some pressing requirements which looked on first sight challenging to meet. Well, after our fixed 2 day workshop we were able to quantify and outline some key deliverables and easy wins. At the same time demonstrating some substantial cost savings.

Mike Hiscock the ICT Infrastructure Manager had the following to say about the engagement “SystemsUp recently ran a two day workshop for the Borough of Poole focussing on establishing a business case for the adoption of cloud technologies. We found SystemsUp to be subject experts on both the technologies and the commercials of cloud adoption. Their systemic approach and rigour throughout the two days built real confidence in the eventual findings. The fact that SystemsUp were not trying to sell any products or services gave us the reassurance that the advice given would be vendor agnostic and truly in our best interest.”

So with a very small upfront commitment we are able to demonstrate substantial value. Not only that, but by leveraging our substantial skill-sets around traditional infrastructure, project delivery and enterprise IT Services, we were able to outline a number of quick wins as well as a draft project plan which addressed current and future project requirements.

If you want to know what Cloud can do for your business why not contact us for an obligation free meeting. If we cant add value, nobody can!