Are you speaking the right language when trying to persuade your executive team to invest in digital transformation?

This is a question that exercises the most experienced IT Managers and Heads of Operations.

You have this great new solution that you know will solve an element of your organisation’s current issues but it’s pretty expensive, and your executive team is just not buying into it. How do you persuade them that it’s an investment that will pay off?

Our unique approach to selling digital transformation aligns the purchase of the solution you want to bring into the workplace, to the executives’ business strategy and objectives. It helps you explain in their terms the benefits they can expect by answering the hard questions about what the costs will be, what the ROI will be and when they will be able to see the results.

The methodology we use at SystemsUp takes you through the following steps:

  • Engaging the business early to get executive sponsorship
  • Building a multi-disciplinary project team that includes IT, the relevant services department and finance
  • Opening up regular a communication channel so you don’t just present to them once
  • Focusing executive minds on the business outcomes
  • Explaining the benefits that will accrue to the users of the new solution – whether the users are members of the public or internal to the organisation

The C-suite needs to prove business value and balance operational risk as well as looking at the cost implications of introducing a new technology or cloud solution. Talking this language is key to getting their support.

When the objectives don’t match up with the KPI and ROI, any member of the executive team is going to struggle.  So, if management is challenging the proposed investment you believe it should make, we can show you the right way to approach them and the right language to use to gain their support for what you and your organisation needs to do.

Successful digital transformation takes time and can be complex but the way it is presented to senior management in the early stages can make or break the chances of success and financial support.

The approach we take at SystemsUp is tried and tested and, if embraced correctly, will help achieve positive outcomes for all to benefit from.

By Chris Jump, Head of Sales, SystemsUp.

To find out more about how we can help you deliver the right cloud message to your organisation book one of our Cloud Enablement Workshops or get in touch via our contact page.

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