For any organisation moving to Office365 how to maintain a secure environment is a particular concern, especially in larger organisations. There are so many ways to ensure security in Office365 that it can be hard to have oversight of them all.

While there are many security standards Microsoft works to for Office365, they do state that “you are responsible for determining whether our security meets your organization’s requirements.”

So how do you go about checking whether you match up and whether your implementation has built in the right amount of risk?

Just as we are all used to heading to Experian if we want to check our credit score, the team at Microsoft are previewing a similar way of checking your security score for Office365.

Called SecureScore, it awards points and weights your attitude to risk and security, giving an overview of where you are getting it right and where improvements need to be made.

All you have to do to get started is to log in as a global admin to and begin checking that the settings relevant to your organisation’s security policies are switched on and working. You can also check against the recommended settings from Microsoft.

Here’s what you will see:

SecureScore image 1 - SystemsUp


The result might look like a very low score – the average is only about 18 – but there is no need to worry because the scoring in based on risk and the features that are turned on and off.  Some will apply and some will break access to your users services, however each setting has an explanation of why and the impact it will have on your services.

SecureScore image 2 - SystemsUp

By adjusting the slider you can be as aggressive as you want in benchmarking your organisation’s security needs.

SecureScore provides links to more information and explains how improvements can be made – a great tool for Internal Audit departments or security personnel that need to understand the risk of doing or not doing a certain action.

SecureScore image 3 - SystemsUp

As you make changes you will see improvements in your score and be able to compare it to the average score of other Office 365 tenants.

SecureScore image 4 - SystemsUp

Before turning any settings on and off, it is worth going through and understanding the impact to your services, your organisation’s security, your administrators and of course your users.

Microsoft Office 365 in its many flavours is a great package of applications and productivity and it certainly delivers on its promises.  SecureScore means it can deliver on security too.

Learn more here.

By Nathan O’Sullivan, Solutions Architect, SystemsUp

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