Digital transformation is one of those areas that has had acres of words devoted to it, but what does it really mean to the typical UK organisation in terms of IT delivery and change?

On the same theme, every technology vendor or systems integrator writes extensively on why they are the digital transformation partner of choice but, put politely, that’s again a rehash of the same old positioning messages we have seen for so long and does not signify a change of working in any sense of the word, more a defensive posture.

What strikes us as different and exciting now is the opportunity to look not just at the technology but more importantly the partnerships, skills, resources, culture and ways of working that really make a difference in driving change and achieving outcomes with technology.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been in three customer conversations around how partnerships need to evolve to take advantage of the new world. Traditional models of managed services and partner engagement have to change, more skin in the game and outcome focused engagements must now take precedence. Almost without exception our cloud engagements have a different flavour to them, more co-operative and with a sense of excitement about what we can jointly deliver.

That’s what this new world of digital transformation is about for us. Not what revenues we can achieve from a customer but what great outcomes can we jointly aim for, as surely that is what brings rewards both at a personal and business level.

By Nick Martin, Managing Director, SystemsUp

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