The first major public cloud provider to achieve “Official” and one of our key vendors has attained this important accreditation which will help assure customers of data integrity and confidentiality.

To quote Microsoft:

What data is considered “OFFICIAL”?

As defined by the documentation, ALL routine public sector business, operations and services and the data they involve should be treated as OFFICIAL – many departments and agencies will operate substantially or exclusively at this level.  

Examples of OFFICIAL business include:

  • The day-to-day business of government, service delivery and public finances.
  • Routine international relations and diplomatic activities.
  • Public safety, criminal justice and enforcement activities. 
  • Many aspects of defence, security and resilience.
  • Commercial interests, including information provided in confidence and intellectual property.
  • Personal information which falls under the protection of the Data Protection Act (1998) (which includes, for example, data such as health records).

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