SystemsUp clients can now use machine learning analysis to enhance the value of their applications and improve business outcomes.

As a result of joining the newly launched Green Rain partner programme run by Fedr8, the machine learning application analysis company, SystemsUp can help its clients leverage value right across their custom application estates.

Green Rain ignites transformational change using machine learning to bring a deep understanding of application genetics into the enterprise arena, helping clients to make decisions at speed, at scale and with ever improving efficiency.

Through our experience of delivering complex migrations to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, we recognise that the IaaS approach does not suit all applications or all the outcomes desired by the organisations we work with.

Each application interacts with external services, databases and other touch points. To deliver similar or improved performance before and after it is migrated to the cloud, its integration and complexity must be understood.

In order to deliver greater value, we will now use Green Rain to help deliver the “forensic analysis” that will allow our consultants to address the most complex applications and deliver new outcomes around Platform as a Service, Containers and Cloud Native.

Nick Martin, managing director of SystemsUp, says, “Our clients are looking for ways to accelerate the performance and value of their applications in a hugely competitive landscape. The partnership with Green Rain from Fedr8 enables us to give them a real edge in terms of decision making and improving their business outcomes.”

Green Rain will help our clients understand:

  • How cloud ready their application is
  • If there are any dependencies that could prevent migration
  • How long refactoring will take
  • What developer skills might be needed
  • How to gain a top level view across the entire application estate

Derek Ward, Executive Vice President of Fedr8, adds, “Green Rain’s unique machine learning insights will assist SystemsUp in offering a truly differentiated value added service. Only when you understand an application can you truly ask any questions, and only when you understand an application can you displace the resources and costs associated with making decisions at scale.”

If you need help with your application estate please get in touch.