When introducing a transformational IT solution it can be all too easy to be blindsided by the technology.

All that shiny new tech that’s going to revolutionise your workplace. Yet if you fail to invest in proper design and planning at the start you could end up regretting ever having embarked on the journey.

One of the most common pitfalls we see in IT project delivery is where an organisation acts like it’s paying a visit to IKEA.  Here’s how it goes.

You pick up the paper and pencil, grab your trolley and wander along pathways with endless inspiration about how your bedroom or lounge might look, noting down the items you think will transform your living space into the dream home you’ve always wanted, at a price you think you can afford.

Then it’s off to the vast warehouse to locate the items with the product and aisle numbers you’ve scribbled down. Everything stacked on the trolley, it’s off to the checkout to decide how to pay – cash, credit card, or finance option.

And then comes the crunch. You get everything to the car and suddenly you realise you haven’t thought about the transport mechanism. The items are too big or too awkwardly shaped that you can’t get them in to the boot. You end up making multiple time-consuming trips or pay extra for delivery.

It’s become clear that your standard project approach hasn’t worked because it’s failed to consider some of the most critical elements.

And that’s not the end of it. When you get home it’s time to get building. How do the components fit together? Will the finished item be secure? You’ve got all the parts and a diagram with instructions that are hugely complicated. On you press – an hour’s all it’ll take – yet you’re still at work late into the night, finally getting some mates along to help you in your hour of need. In the end the pieces don’t quite fit together as you thought, so you go back to the store to ask for a refund and the process starts all over again.

So many IT solutions take the IKEA path and it’s for the reasons stated above that project delivery for technology solutions really cannot be flat packed.

Occasionally you will get it right first time but more often than not you’ll be left looking at your solution and thinking it doesn’t quite do the job you intended. There was no fault on the part of the supplier though, it was a failure in the design and planning.

By Martin Powell, Cloud Solutions Architect, SystemsUp

At SystemsUp we can’t help you with flat pack furniture, but we can certainly help with solution development and IT project delivery.

To discuss how we can add value to your transformation project from the start call us on 020 7448 4615 or email enquiries@systemsup.co.uk 

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