One foot in the cloud and one foot on the ground?

When it comes to an organisation’s technology roadmap, hybrid cloud has largely lost the “playing safe” stigma and is now an openly accepted path for the majority of organisations.

As a result, solutions and services built to support the hybrid model are starting to bloom like never before.

Everything is always in transition. Even for companies that want to be “all-in” when it comes to cloud adoption, it is not always possible. Legacy solutions, compliance and a host of issues can keep a portion of an IT roadmap anchored on premise. Still, other organisations prefer it that way. The big cloud club (Microsoft, Amazon & Google) has slightly eased its “if you’re not all cloud you’re doing it wrong” messaging and started to openly build practices around supporting hybrid deployments. Microsoft’s Chief Strategist for Cloud and Enterprise James Staten said as much in an article back in April of this year.

Make no mistake though, this is not a polarity shift in the momentum of organisations adopting a cloud approach. If anything, the fact that the hosted infrastructure giants are softening their messaging on the hybrid approach merely signals their confidence in the existing momentum moving us in this direction.

Here at SystemsUp we prefer a pragmatic “evolution, not revolution” approach when talking to our clients about a hybrid cloud strategy. We work closely with them to account for their existing investments, custom workloads, business requirements, and risk posture. Being agnostic helps us recommend the best provider to suit the specific needs of a client. We do this by using our assuredCloudEconomics™ methodology, a weighted cost model which determines a Cloud Service Provider’s effectiveness.

If you put in a concentrated effort to detail and plan your hybrid cloud strategy from the offset you will create sensible foundations for a planned transition to future full cloud adoption. Ultimately what the hybrid approach allows you to do is innovate as well as consolidate.

By James Pearse, Cloud Solutions Consultant, SystemsUp

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