Online meetings, document sharing, social networking and business-class mail.

These are just some of the ways in which a move to Office 365 can enhance your business, both in the way it works and the way it delivers, in the digital era.

SystemsUp runs informative workshops that will bring you real insight into what Office 365 can deliver.

The aim of the workshop

Run over one full day, the workshop will explore how Office 365 can help you meet your business challenges. Using real life demonstrations and years of experience in helping organisations of all sizes to migrate successfully, our consultants will identify the opportunities it can bring.

Who Should Attend?

Our workshops are suitable for both business and IT decision-makers.

The format

The workshop runs you through the different capabilities of Office 365, such as the identity, productivity, collaboration and mobility solutions available, and then explores the different components, scenarios and licencing models that would best suit your organisation.

Why consider a workshop?

This workshop will give you insight that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Our consultants have helped many organisations move to Office 365 and as a result can showcase real-life migrations and highlight the potential pitfalls.

There is no doubt that Office 365 can make you better connected and drive transformational change in your organisation. But this can only be achieved by doing it right and that means starting at the very beginning.

At SystemsUp we understand the importance of talking face-to-face and working with you to map out a proper strategy for driving digital transformation.

Visit our Resources section to find out more about our Office 365 Envisioning Workshop as well as the other services we offer.

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