Change is taking place fast in the housing sector.

With the recent re-classification announced by the Office for National Statistics, housing associations have been freed up to seek the long-term finance needed to provide more affordable housing. Many associations are evolving into hybrid housing developers on a scale to match the traditional house builders but with a community-based focus on service and support.

This new, exciting period will be dominated by those who embrace the opportunity to exploit technology to deliver long lasting change, such as our client Green Square Group. They have brought effective strategy and effective exploitation of technology together to provide solutions to the increasing drive for greater efficiency and innovation.

The challenge for housing associations like Green Square is to meet the demand of the new business model, while in many cases managing the legacy of the old. It’s about turning a very traditional approach to IT – managing ageing environments and hardware – into one that is not constrained by technology and embraces the opportunities that can be achieved by using the cloud.

Using a public cloud platform to present applications and services to users brings key advantages over a traditional in-house IT infrastructure:

  • Increased mobility and productivity – allowing faster, secure access to the data and systems needed wherever the user happens to be
  • Agility and elasticity – the ability to make use of new services quickly and at scale, plus the ability to react to any merger or acquisition opportunities
  • Cost avoidance – reducing the need to invest in new hardware and manage on premises data centres
  • Innovation and transformation – adopting application development approaches such as Internet of Things, Software as a Service and Platform as a Service to support innovations in delivery
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership – reducing operating costs for managing and monitoring IT infrastructure

SystemsUp is a digital transformation consultancy that specialises in working with clients to jointly develop the most effective and pragmatic cloud strategies.

Our recent work with Green Square Group – to move their Disaster Recovery to Microsoft Azure – illustrates this well. Our focus was as much on the organisational and skills evolution needed, as it was on using Azure.

By working in partnership, we delivered real value and met the housing association’s strategic business objectives.

Find out more by reading the case study with Green Square Group.

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