There have been many predictions about the demise of email, yet despite the rise of messaging apps and the likes of Skype and Teams, email is here to stay. This means that the number one attack vector for your business, your brand and your people (it’s estimated that 91% of cyber attacks start with an email) is also here to stay.

Advanced email protection should therefore be considered as an integral part of any organisation’s security strategy for the foreseeable future.

The threats

The most significant email threats are ransomware and phishing. Ransomware is software that, once downloaded, will hunt down your most important data and encrypt it until you meet the hacker’s monetary demands. Phishing is the sending of targeted, fraudulent email that looks as though it’s from a legitimate sender, asking the recipient to share personal information that can be used to steal money. However the attack comes, with one click on the wrong attachment or the wrong link in an email, your organisation can be financially compromised. All connected devices are at risk.

Who gets emails? All of your employees. While you can continue to educate them to spot a potential threat, what happens if a rogue message does get through? What other measures can be taken to prevent your organisation being compromised? The steps are similar whether you are a small business or the largest enterprise.

Stop spam and malware

Filter every email received for viruses and real-time intent.

Block advanced threats

Defend against ransomware using layered analytic engines.

Protect outbound communications

Use content policies to stop attacks within your network from affecting your partners and customers.

Effective defence

Artificial intelligence has opened up a way of creating effective defences. Security solutions based on AI scan the global email threat environment continuously to block attacks from suspicious sources and spot those that are already lurking in your inbox and waiting to strike. Monitoring of email signatures and email behavior provides accurate detection of the threats that are known and unknown (known as zero hour). Supported by backup, comprehensive protection can meet your e-discovery requirements plus provide robust encryption of all your important data.

The challenge exists no matter what email service you use. For instance if you have Office365, the standard security built in isn’t enough to stop advanced threats. An additional layer of protection is needed to stop access by malicious operators and to provide security in the event of data loss if malware does get through.

It’s complicated enough trying to prevent the threat of email compromise, what you don’t want is to have to manage different solutions that waste unnecessary time and money for your business.

SystemsUp works with you to design and implement the most secure GDPR compliant environment for your email and provide effective ongoing protection that’s easy to manage.

Learn more about email threats in this infographic from our security partner Barracuda and contact SystemsUp today to find out how we can help.