Every organisation will experience a unique cloud adoption journey. So it is important that each one benefits from a structured framework that guides them through the process of transforming their people, processes, and technologies.

SystemsUp specialises in working with clients across the private and public sector to jointly develop effective strategies. The emphasis is on identifying projects and initiatives that can deliver real value to help every organisation achieve its strategic objectives as quickly as possible.

The aim of the workshop

Our one day workshop helps you evaluate the different cloud platforms; takes you through examples of common use cases; assesses which cloud will provide the best business value; and recommends the best way to get there.

It offers a structure to help you develop an efficient and effective plan for your cloud adoption journey.

Who should attend?

Our workshops are tailored to the needs of your business and suitable for both business and IT decision-makers. We work with you to formulate the desired outcomes and decide which key individuals in your organisation should attend.

The format

The Cloud Enablement Workshop looks in detail at the business and IT challenges you are facing and identifies where cloud services can make a difference. At the end of the workshop there is a demonstration of your ‘future state’ with a discussion of the next steps you need to take.

Why consider a workshop?

Our consultants have helped many organisations in the public and private sector to deploy complex cloud architectures. They are expert in the design and delivery of Azure, AWS and hybrid cloud platforms and will illustrate real-life migrations as well as highlighting the potential pitfalls.

Our relationships with major vendors, knowledge of the marketplace and expertise in migrating services, means we can be a true strategic partner.

At SystemsUp we understand the importance of talking face-to-face and working with you to map out a proper strategy for driving your journey to the cloud.

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