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10 Office 365 Security Tips

10 Top Tips to help secure your Office 365 environment   According to Risk Based […]

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Future Decoded Heralds the Changing Workspace

A Future Decoded conference is always a fascinating event for the team at SystemsUp. This […]

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GDPR – Preparing for a New Era in Privacy Regulation

One year today, a new European data privacy regulation is due to take effect that […]


Creating Custom Fields in OMS

In our first blog on using Operations Management Suite (OMS) to monitor, automate and protect […]

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Using Secure Score for Office 365 Security

For any organisation moving to Office365 how to maintain a secure environment is a particular […]

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Moving Office 365 to Microsoft’s UK Data Centers

It’s like a long overdue homecoming. From this Thursday, 1st December 2016, you will be […]

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Monitoring Squid Proxy with OMS

When you are using a combination of on-premises and cloud for your workloads it is […]