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Sport and Leisure


A Premier League football club wanted to reduce communications costs and encourage teams to work better together online


To move 400 staff to Office 365 Skype for Business

Key requirements

To meet the club's SLA expectations and match the new technology to its business requirements

SystemsUp helps a a Premier League club improve online collaboration for hundreds of staff by migrating it to Office 365 Skype for Business.


  • Improved functionality
  • Staff able to collaborate better
  • Business requirements met

The Challenge

A Premier League football club wanted to improve the way its staff collaborated with a view to reducing communications costs, improving efficiency and encouraging teams to work together virtually.

Having several hundred staff working in a number of diverse areas meant that efficient communication was important. The club was already using an older, on-premise version of Skype for Business, but this was not working as designed, so the decision was taken to look at options to upgrade it.

The Solution

SystemsUp had an existing relationship with the football club and was invited to submit a proposal. A review of the club’s IT arrangements confirmed that Office 365 was already in use, therefore  it made sense to look at migrating the Skype for Business platform across to the club’s Office 365 tenancy.

The Approach

The first activity was to understand the Premier League club’s business requirements for the solution. Not only was this important for defining the functional requirements, but the business also needed to articulate its Service Level Agreement (SLA) expectations and Disaster Recovery (DR) requirements. It became clear that the Office 365 Skype for Business platform would exceed the club’s requirements in terms of functionality, availability and DR so the decision was  taken to make the move.

The new Skype for Business environment was set up, activated and made available to users. It included messaging as well as audio and video conferencing. The decision was taken not to enable connectivity to the PSTN network (providing external direct dial access to users and the ability to dial externally from the Skype for Business platform) at this time, as this functionality was not required. However the club has the capability to add this at a later date if its  business requirements change.

The Result

Approximately 400  staff were migrated to the new Skype for Business online service in a matter of minutes, with very little remediation required.

Nathan O’Sullivan, senior cloud architect at SystemsUp, says: “It was a real pleasure to work the club’s IT team. Rather than rushing straight in to adopt a new technology, they understood that it was important to analyse the business requirements first and then match the technology to those requirements. This way we were able to review the requirements against the features that the new environment delivered. The result was a very happy set of users at a leading Premier League club.


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