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Public sector


To go 'cloud first' and reduce IT costs


£60k immediate savings £750k potential savings

Key requirements

Improved agility in the provision of public services

The Borough of Poole wanted to go ‘cloud first’ and reduce IT costs while at the same time improving its service delivery. SystemsUp delivered a Cloud Strategy workshop which identified Microsoft Azure as the best public cloud platform for the council’s requirements and delivered immediate savings of £60k while identifying potential savings of £750k.


  • The Borough of Poole goes ‘cloud first’
  • Immediate savings of £60k
  • Potential savings of £750k identified
  • Successful implementation of Azure and StorSimple
  • Improved service delivery

The Challenge

The Borough of Poole had three main drivers:

  • To comply with Cabinet Office’s Cloud First Directive
  • Save money on its projected ICT 3 year planned budget
  • Improve agility in the provision of services to customers

The Approach

SystemsUp facilitated a Cloud Strategy workshop which considered in detail the range of public cloud options and identified Microsoft Azure as providing the best platform for delivering cost savings together with business efficiencies.

The StorSimple offer of a free device with a £60k Azure commitment was identified as Poole Borough Council’s most cost effective route into Azure.

The Solution

The first stage was to commission Azure as an IaaS platform. This included training Poole Borough Council’s in-house team so that they would be comfortable with the processes required to utilise Azure.

The second stage was the installation and commissioning of the StorSimple 8100 device. This allowed the council to control its budget for onsite storage upgrade costs. The immediate transfer of some non-critical workloads to Azure allowed existing hardware to be re-allocated to a new Social Care system. This resulted in reduced capital expenditure on the new system.

The workshop also looked at the full three year budget cycle and identified further savings.

Mike Hiscock the ICT Infrastructure Manager said:

“SystemsUp recently ran a two day workshop for the Borough of Poole focussing on establishing a business case for the adoption of cloud technologies. We found SystemsUp to be subject experts on both the technologies and the commercials of cloud adoption. Their systemic approach and rigour throughout the two days built real confidence in the eventual findings. The fact that SystemsUp were not trying to sell any products or services gave us the reassurance that the advice given would be vendor agnostic and truly in our best interest.”


The Result

The Borough of Poole was able to realise immediate and significant savings on its IT spend using StorSimple as an effective enabler of Microsoft Azure. Further potential opportunities for significant cost savings were identified with Azure.  SystemsUp and Microsoft worked closely to ensure the move to Azure was successful. The Cloud Strategy Workshop proved a very effective tool for promoting Azure uptake and consumption within the council.

About Poole Council

The Borough of Poole is the unitary authority responsible for local government in Poole, Dorset on the south coast of England. It was created on 1 April 1997 and it comprises 16 wards and 42 councillors covering a population of 148,600 and an area of over 68km².