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To improve collaboration between globally dispersed locations & remote workers.


Incorporation of SharePoint Online with Office 365, including Skype for Business & OneDrive Pro.

Key requirements

Storage and backup facility and increased security and reliability.

The Challenge

Lumos needed to improve the way the teams working in its offices around the world could access and share files and documents with its London headquarters and also improve team collaboration. The Lumos offices are geographically dispersed with some in remote locations where corporate data was stored on individual laptops and in individual Dropbox accounts. They would often suffer from internet disconnections leading to some sensitive files having to be sent via email.

Rukhsana Baksh, IT executive for Lumos, explains, “Our users were having to store files on local laptops in the remote offices with no backup mechanisms. This also meant files were saved locally and shared via email which resulted in version control issues.”

Lumos was already using Microsoft Office 365 but wanted to see if SharePoint Online could help them create a more secure and reliable way to overcome these problems.
SystemsUp helps LUMOS improve global collaboration and backup using SharePoint and OneDrive.

The Approach

Lumos engaged SystemsUp to migrate its corporate shared files from its existing London office server to a more resilient SharePoint Online platform which would allow easy access from international locations. One of the specifications was that the new platform would reduce the organisation’s email burden and also give Lumos greater management control through document versioning.

By following its assuredDelivery™ process, which optimises the delivery of complex IT transformation to tight timescales, SystemsUp ensured that Lumos’ key business requirements were captured before any design work began. Once the requirements were agreed a review of the existing environment took place before a High Level Design was produced. This provided an in-depth understanding of where Lumos was in relation to where it wished to be before testing and deployment was undertaken.

“This project has been a success and the team at SystemsUp were instrumental in this. It has changed the way we work and has allowed us to work more efficiently across the whole of the Lumos organisation.” Rukhsana Baksh, IT executive for Lumos

The Solution

With the help of SystemsUp Lumos has incorporated SharePoint Online into the suite of Microsoft Office 365 services it uses which include Exchange Online, Skype for Business and OneDrive Pro for Business. Together these services enable safe and reliable communication between the organisation’s global offices. The migration of data from the local file servers to SharePoint Online was conducted on a department-by-department basis. The structure of how SharePoint files should be designed to avoid issues in the long term was explained and training sessions were organised via WebEx globally as well as in the London office.
Rukhsana Baksh says,

“SystemsUp worked hard at ensuring the configuration and migration went smoothly. They worked with me to develop an extensive training program and helped train all our staff across all the countries. SystemsUp were always on hand to solve any issue and answer questions. I found them to be an excellent team to work with and they helped with all the stress from the design, all the way to implementation and beyond.”

The Result

Incorporating SharePoint Online successfully into Microsoft Office 365 has improved the way Lumos employees share files and collaborate. Multiple users are now able to work on one document simultaneously. They can synchronise specific folders to their laptop or desktop and edit the file while working offline in remote areas. These changes can then be synchronised online once the user regains internet connectivity.
As Office 365 is hosted on Microsoft’s public cloud infrastructure, Lumos has benefited from seamless access to shared files via SharePoint Online. This has resolved issues from the past where users in global offices would have to save files locally without backing them up. All files are now centrally managed and protected.
Using SharePoint Online has helped Lumos create a central repository where the latest version of a document is accessible by all users instead of each user having access to a different edit.

“The decision to move to SharePoint Online was made so that file sharing and collaboration for all users in our organisation would be quicker, easier and centrally managed,” Rukhsana Baksh concludes. “This project has been a success and the team at SystemsUp were instrumental in this. SharePoint has allowed us to have a unified data storage system. It has changed the way we work and has allowed us to work more efficiently across the whole of the Lumos organisation.”