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Future Decoded Heralds the Changing Workspace

A Future Decoded conference is always a fascinating event for the team at SystemsUp. This […]

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How To Cloud Enable Your Organisation

Every organisation will experience a unique cloud adoption journey. So it is important that each […]

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Why the NHS Cyber Security Strategy Requires More Than a Security Patch

The NHS and Department of Health have been ordered to “get their act together” by […]

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Multi-cloud Management in an Evolving Enterprise Cloud Landscape

In a previous guest blog for SystemsUp I looked at how the pace of change was […]

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Ensure Your Organisation Is GDPR Ready

If you are a business that manages a large amount of personal data from EU […]

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Application Delivery in an Evolving Enterprise Cloud Landscape

As more large enterprises are now stepping towards cloud with purpose and as organisations look […]

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Managing Change When Migrating to the Cloud

Since the early days of mainframe migration, our industry has seen the negative impact of […]

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The real definition of digital transformation

Digital transformation is one of those areas that has had acres of words devoted to […]

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GDPR – Preparing for a New Era in Privacy Regulation

One year today, a new European data privacy regulation is due to take effect that […]