Putty error message

Google Cloud Platform – Using ssh in SDK Command shell in Windows (Putty fatal error)

Have you been playing around with the Google SDK command line and working with the […]


The Cost and Time Benefits of the Cloud

Hey, we have all heard the above refrain. I’ve even made it myself in the […]


Why I like Cloud

I was thinking today after the Azure Circle Partner seminar why Cloud services in its […]


Azure point to site Error 798

I was testing the client to site function of Windows Azure. All went well until […]


Add Office 365 to Azure

Ever wondered how you can get access to your Office 365 users and groups from […]


The Vib Module is not Installed..

Our mini lab is running nicely now. 3 virtual nsx networks a distributed router and […]

Check NSX Version

Upgrading NSX

Things have been a bit busy here, so playing around with VMware’s new NSX virtual […]


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