Cloud security now better than on premise

Security must always be a key consideration when deploying applications – whether they are within […]


Vendor Lock-in Misconceptions

On the journey to cloud there are many challenges that need to be considered. One […]


Cloud naming conventions and tagging

The concept of naming conventions is not new and being a consultant for over fifteen […]


AWS Import/Export Disk

Are you planning to migrate your workloads to AWS? Do you have large databases, document […]


SharePoint Online External Sharing

SharePoint Online allows sharing with external users. However, once the item is shared with the […]


Registering OpenLDAP server with McAfee ePolicy server

McAfee ePolicy allows the integration to LDAP servers. There is an option of 3 LDAP […]


Extend Root Partition on RHEL 6.6 EC2 Instance

There is a known issue with RHEL 6.6 AMI where even if choose an EBS […]


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