Ever wondered how you can get access to your Office 365 users and groups from Windows Azure?

Well, this is how;

If you have an existing subscription login to Azure, if not sign up for a trial subscription.

Once  you have an account login to the management portal https://manage.windowsazure.com

Navigate to the Active Directory node and click New, choose the Custom Create option.

Add Custom AD

Add Custom AD

Now instead of confirming you are adding a new directory. Drop the list down and select “Use existing directory

Confirm Sign Out

Confirm Sign Out

You will be asked to sign out of Azure and directed to a special URL where you can login with your Office 365 administrator account. This will then be linked to your new (or existing) Azure subscription.

At this point, you can add your Office 365 account as an Azure subscription administrator in the settings node and all is now well. Your 365 and Azure tenancies are now merged!


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