Our Overall Approach

Bringing more to the table than simply technology

At SystemsUp we deliver successful outcomes that are designed around your organisational drivers and needs.

We work with you to understand the challenges you face. We then map your requirements accurately to the most appropriate approach and technical product set. This is done in an objective and vendor agnostic manner which takes your strategy and existing estate and skills into account.

SystemsUp offers a huge range of services including the ones you see below. Whatever your cloud requirements, just ask us and we will be able to assist.

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Free managed AWS billing

Making the complex simple

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has revolutionised cloud computing, offering reliable, scalable and inexpensive pay-as-you-go services in an easily accessible way. It has never been simpler to spin up new servers and infrastructure, or expand them to suit changing needs.

However, that very benefit can also cause problems for organisations as they increase their AWS footprint. The very ease of adding and expanding services can make it difficult to keep costs under control and have clear visibility of what you are actually being billed for.

SystemsUp offers FREE Managed AWS Billing – giving your organisation the information it needs in one clear, simple invoice. You don’t even have to be an AWS customer of SystemsUp to take advantage.

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Strategy and Planning

Strategy and planning workshop

This workshop consists of a face to face meeting with the customer. A senior SystemsUp consultant will attend to deliver a high level discussion around your IT and cloud challenges, current state and future options.

Using our deep and wide technical understanding, combined with real world business examples, the discussion will focus on how you can leverage your existing investments to add value to the organisation, while also identifying possible future states, quick wins and roadmaps, towards a more agile and dynamic, information-rich environment.

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Cloud Journey Mapping

Your journey into the cloud

The journey into the cloud can seem daunting at first, with so many things to consider, such as which cloud providers to use, how to secure your data and in which order you should migrate your services. So why not make it simple by contacting us to arrange your very own assuredCloudStrategy™ workshop?

Our team of highly skilled staff will work closely with you in order to:

  • Understand your strategic corporate objectives
  • Identify and mitigate any potential pain points that are slowing your journey to the cloud
  • Identify the business and cost benefits for your organisation that would result from migrating to the cloud

Our assuredCloudEconomics™ model is designed to objectively help your business select from competing products and services in a genuinely agnostic manner. SystemsUp has staff certified in all the major public cloud platforms, as identified by Gartner and Forrester Research, such as Azure, Office 365, AWS and Google Platform.

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Enterprise Solution Design and Architecture

Helping your business grow

Is your business expanding, or does it have a need to provide additional services? Then look no further.

SystemsUp is a vendor agnostic IT consultancy employing staff who not only hold certifications from all the industry’s key vendors but who also have real life experience in meeting cloud challenges.

We believe in crafting solutions driven by your business requirements. Using our assuredEconomics™ process we help you to pick objectively from competing products and services, based on the things that matter most to your business.

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Project Recovery

Keeping your projects on track

Deadline approaching? Budget under strain? Project deliverables not being met?

Call in the experts. SystemsUp will get to the crux of the issue and get your project back on track.

Project Recovery is one of our core strengths. With well over 1000 formal IT certifications across the team and the skills used by the Tier 1 vendors themselves, our SystemsUp specialists will cut through the chaff to document a clear and decisive solution designed to bring wayward projects back from the brink using our assuredDelivery™ process.

References and case studies are available from large public and private sector clients covering the recovery of many slowed, failing and off-track projects.

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Environment/Solution Health Checks

Keep your systems healthy

Is your IT environment underperforming? Is there a lack of documentation around workloads that exist within that environment? Would you like to be sure your environment is in a healthy state?

SystemsUp can help. We will work with you to identify the aspects of your environment to be assessed, using industry standards and vendor best practices. We will provide you with a report detailing recommendations of any remedial work that should be carried out and will highlight any potential risks to the business in order to help you plan for the future.

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Cybersecurity Consulting Services

System and environment testing

Is your environment secure? Is your network compromised? Are there any potential system back doors open and exposing your data? Are your hosts vulnerable to attack? Do you have issues around complex regulatory compliance requirements?

At SystemsUp we work with you to discover and identify any security issues, and assist with the creation and management of remediation plans in line with industry best practice, to meet any required security compliance.

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New application deployment

Do you have a new application that you need to deploy to meet a project deadline? Do you need to deploy it in a consistent automated manner, across a number of separate environments to facilitate different stages of development and testing?

Experienced with a wide range of deployment and configuration management tools, SystemsUp will assist you to quickly deploy production-ready application stacks using “Infrastructure-as-Code” to facilitate continuous delivery through the full application lifecycle.

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Services and Skillsets

Our full service list

Below is a list of some of the major services we provide. For any other challenging requirements, please do get in touch, as we will be able to help.




Public, Hybrid & Private Cloud


Configuration/System Management

Mobile Management

Data Analytics





Business Continuity



Meeting all cloud challenges

Whether you're looking to start your cloud journey or you're already there and looking to enhance or streamline your services, SystemsUp and our team of expert consultants are here to guide you to the right solutions.

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“SystemsUp worked really effectively with the internal Mouchel IT team which ensured a rapid and safe transformation process.” Michael Lord, Head of Mouchel IT Client Delivery