It’s estimated that by the year 2020, half the global workforce will work remotely. So, how do you create a secure work environment and a work experience that reflects this shift?

Using our experience in helping organisations to embrace change, we help you create a seamless experience across your cloud collaboration, unified communications, data analytics and productivity solutions that drives adoption and lowers the cost of change.

Modern Workplace Solutions from SystemsUp provides a single platform and security solution, designed with your  users’ and organisation’s requirements in mind.

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Moving to Office 365

Building the best and most productive digital workspace involves using a suite of cloud tools. Through our knowledge of the many technologies that improve productivity and collaboration, we can help you overcome the complex challenges involved in implementing change in the workplace and ensure you choose the right solutions to meet the evolving needs of your employees.

Microsoft Office 365 brings enterprise-grade services such as online meetings, document sharing and business-class email, to organisations of all sizes. We have two specific services designed to help you get the best out of it.

If you have not moved to Office365 our experts can give you insight into the capabilities and vision that it can bring to your organisation.


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Maximising O365.SystemsUp

Getting the best out of Office 365

There is no doubt that Microsoft Office 365 can improve productivity in your business.

Yet you might be surprised to know that many businesses don’t take full advantage of the wide suite of products included in their subscription.

If you are already using Office 365, we can make sure you are utilising it to get the maximum benefit.

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A 21st Century Workspace

Security should be end-to-end from the desktop to the server. With Windows 10 as your underlying operating system, you can provide your end users with the ability to work simply, effectively and without limitation across multiple devices and applications.

Work with our consultants and architects to improve focus, productivity and engagement in your organisation and create a digital workspace for the 21st Century.


Empower your business!

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Virtual Desktop

End User Agility

To get the most out of technology, you can no longer rely on one size fits all solution. Individual users have different requirements – they generate and consume data in different ways.

We work with you to introduce virtual desktops, enabling applications to work quickly and securely on any device. Meet changing consumer needs and react faster to change

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Cloud Secured Modern Desktop

Using Microsoft Cloud to deliver and manage your modern workplace solution allows you take full advantage of the flexibility virtual desktops offer whilst still maximising security.


Simplify deployments and unify device management with the peace of mind that your data and systems are protected by industry-leading threat detection technologies.

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